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Indeed, Allah [alone] has knowledge of the Hour and sends down the rain and knows what is in the wombs. And no soul perceives what it will earn tomorrow, and no soul perceives in what land it will die. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted. Surah e Luqman Ayah According to the Ulema e Islam, Allah is prohibiting His followers from fortune-telling in these verses. And he further said: If the wailing woman does not repent before she dies, she will be made to stand on the Day of Resurrection wearing a garment of pitch and a chemise of mange. Sahih Muslim Book 4 Hadith Sometimes they tell something which comes out to be true.

It has been observed that people who start believing in palmistry and astrology, take decisions on the basis of daily assessments made by fortune-tellers. Their faith in Allah starts fading slowly and gradually which ultimately affects their lives. Keep trust in His Infinite Knowledge and Wisdom, so that we could be listed among God-fearing people. The pink ribbon is Every celebrity is getting Home Pink News Reels. Source: Premier Christianity.

One should not go in the kitchen with shoes and sleepers which is in our tradition also and it is good for hyegine and health too. When someone will start reading the lal kitab they will definitely believe that it is written for them only and that is ithe beauty of this book that you start looking things surrounding you as per the lal kitab theory and you start yourself transforming into a better personality and a free person from problems and diseases. The one and only one simple rule is to be followed in reading this book is that make your inner as pure as one can and respect the feelings of others and try to be helpful to everybody.

Kar bhala hoga bhala aakhir bhale ka bhala in return of good. Rupchand Joshi.

However, it would be more accurate to say that he acted like a medium to let the divine wisdom of Lal Kitab flow through his being, so that it can help humanity. Lal Kitab is not just a single book as common people think it to be.

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There are five books written by Pt. Roopchand Joshi, which are collectively known as Lal Kitab. These books came into existence during and The story of Lal Kitab coming into written format is very interesting too. According to Pt. Joshi, One night, a divine power appeared to me in my dream and told me that I was to be taught this godly knowledge. The next morning, something made me pick up a pencil and a notebook and my fingers started writing what was discussed the night before. I tried to resist it, but it was of no avail.

All during my leave, everyday this exercise continued. I would be almost in a semi-conscious state. It was scary. And, I could not take my attention off this I am glad that He chose me to help the fellow beings. Lal Kitab Remedies Lal Kitab remedies, unlike the most of other remedies prescribed by different astrological systems, are very effective and quick in yielding results. Indeed, Lalkitab is a system of astrology that emphasizes on the remedial measures most and this approach makes Lal Kitab a practical and useful for masses.

Lal Kitab remedies are so efficient that it can make circumstances take a degree turn and flood the native with positivity. Lalkitab remedies have such pragmatic approach that even slight changes made in everyday activities can produce desired results, e. Similarly, if Mars is not giving good results, donating sindoor to Lord Hanuman and fasting on Tuesdays can do the trick. One need not go out of the way in order to benefit through Lal Kitab remedies, rather simple approach of Lal Kitab wisdom would prove to be beneficial.

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Some people spread this fallacy that Lal Kitab is an ancient Sanskrit text that somehow lost and found in Persia after centuries. From there, it was. People are propagating this theory, albeit there is no proof of it. Similarly, there is yet another theory that says the system of Lalkitab was widely practiced in the region of Himachal in India. But this hypothesis seems to be based on imaginative thinking rather than factual evidences, because no such system has been found in aforementioned area.

Rupchand Joshi wrote Lal Kitab in Urdu, because Urdu was the language of common people at that time, i. He wanted this wisdom to reach masses, so that it can help mankind on a wide scale. Most of the text of Hindu astrology is in Sanskrit and it is nearly extinct in practical sense in modern times. Lal Kitab was an effort to break this jinx and relinquish the divine wisdom from chosen few to make it accessible for all and sundry.

Bountiful of Punjabi words have also been used in Lal Kitab along with some Persian and Arabic words, where they were necessary. However, Hindi started to become predominant and replaced Urdu after the late 30s as Indian freedom struggle gain momentum. Slowly, the need of Hindi translation of Lal Kitab intensified.

Therefore, various Hindi translations and transliterations of original Lal Kitab came into light keeping the requirement of public in mind, and they are more prevalent these days. Lal Kitab Software In the recent times, more and more astrologers adopted new technology in order to bypass the mathematical portion that can be calculated more accurately by modern-day computers. Lal Kitab has garnered staggering interest amongst astrologers and masses alike.

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Its increasing demand forced various companies to include LalKitab system in their astrological software. Today, there are many Lal Kitab software available in the market, but only handful of them are worthwhile and do justice to the divine science of Lal Kitab. One of the most excellent software of Lal Kitaab is available at AstroSage. Though, it is online software and cannot be downloaded on the computer to use offline.

The more friendly user interface of same Lal Kitab website is also available here - MyKundali. Many people just skim through it once and declare it shoddy. Nevertheless, each and every word or Lal Kitab is well thought out and well placed. Lal Kitab says that it reveals its underlying meaning if one reads Lal Kitab again and again. This is true and can be testified by most of the Lal Kitab astrologers, who learn it by treading the same path.

If one goes with an open mind and learning attitude toward Lal Kitab, one reaps great benefits and Lal Kitab unravels its deep mysteries. Profound study of Lal Kitab will help you understand the fundamental principles of this system and it would further enable you to comprehend Lal Kitab in its original format. Lal Kitab Predictions Lal Kitab predictions are known to be extremely accurate. These predictions can not only rightly forecast the future happenings, but also suggests remedial measure to direct them toward desired results.

However, it takes a scholar of Lal Kitab to make such predictions based on deep understanding of the inherent rules of Lal Kitab predictions. Many a times, a Lal Kitab astrologer can predict with such precision that can astound and mesmerize the native.

Liberty Books : Pakistan's Largest Online BookStore

I hope this article has served its purpose to help you understand the basics of Lal Kitab and encouraged you to study it further. If it could ignite the desire to plunge into the vast ocean of the astrological wisdom called Lal Kitab, the author would feel his efforts worthwhile. Gold Medalist. Read Free For 30 Days. Lal Kitab -legend behind the book.

Face Reading In Urdu Part 2 || Mehrban Ali || Astrology || Palmistry

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